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A view of the huge, private whirlpool from the balcony of the second floor.


This is our beach. The water is calm and perfect for swimming. There is a reef that surrounds the East End which is the main reason the water is calmer.


Right off our beach are the remains of a dock that Hurricane Ivan blew away. We have left the pillars because the snorkelling here is incredible. A marine biologist who stayed with us recently identified ~20 different species of fish.


Just east of the "dock" you will find a lot of starfish. It is illegal to keep them or take them home with you.

NOTE: They must be returned to the water within 5 seconds or they die!

The man standing on the dock in the background is fishing.


This could be you in our hot tub !


We have 2 Tandem Kayaks for our guest's use. Life vests are mandatory and children under the age of 16 cannot use them without an adult on board.


Just in front of the ocean, the sunshine painted house is surrounded by palm trees.


Lush vegetation, white powdery sand and sunshine greet you every morning in this multi-million dollar home.



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